A - Left

D - Right

Space Key - Jump

Left Mouse Click - Shoot


Light is a platformer game simulating the inner world of social phobics that aims to create empathy with them.  The game is targeted to educating the public about social fears, and simulating the feelings of social fear. On one hand, it is designed towards the crowd without social phobia for the purpose of providing the sense of empathy for people to understand the feelings of the minority. In this case, the game can help them become more inclusive people. On the other hand, this game is also designed for people with social phobia symptoms to feel inclusive and being understood. I believe it will be meaningful for both sides of the players.


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Development log


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I really enjoyed the intricate game design and the tracking. All the art direction is really great.

This game made my eyes happy while also being a moving story and stunning narrative. From the get go I felt fully immersed and at one with the sprite. Moving forward I would say you could add some more enemies and try to create a growing sense of anxiety as they are encountered.

Lovely to start from you own room! I don’t want to leave my room either when I wake up every morning. For the topic of social phobia, I think you could also add some strangers as enemy since talking with them is also so hard for people like this.

Great way to approach an intimate issue